August 2002 Canoe Trip - Canoe Lake, Tom Thomson Lake, Burnt Island Lake

2002 Trip Collage Image

This trip log details my first canoe trip into Algonquin Provincial Park. My friend Jeff and I set out to conquer the park in our first adventure. In some ways the park conquered us, but it was a great time and I really enjoyed the experience.

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July 2004 Canoe Trip - Canoe Lake, Tom Thomson Lake

2004 Trip Collage Image

For my second trip into the park, I chose a more relaxing route. It was supposed to be a holiday after all, so some rest and relaxation was in order. My fiance Jen and I retraced some of the steps from my previous canoe trip, but we opted to stay on Tom Thomson Lake for a couple of nights to increase the rest/relaxtion factor and reduce the crying, wimpering, paddling against the wind factor. After all, I am a computer programmer... my hands don't see alot of manual labour.

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July 2007 Canoe Trip - Canoe Lake, Joe Lake, Burnt Island Lake, Littledoe Lake, Tom Thomson Lake, Tepee Lake

2007 Trip Collage Image

This was a good 3 night trip with a couple of friends. One canoe and one kayak. We had some awesome weather, and some great scenery. The trip log was written by Jeff and can be read on his website.

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May 2008 Canoe Trip - Hambone Lake, Petawawa River, Misty Lake, Timberwolf Lake

2008 Trip Collage Image

A challenging, early season trip into the back country. So early in fact, that the ice was off the lakes only a week before our trip. I went with a group of friends from Toronto. It was the first trip for some of them, and I imagine a bit of a rough introduction to back country camping for them, because the trip was a challlenge for me too, and I've been on a few others.

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