After returning from PDC 2008, I've finally had a chance to process some video that I recorded of Scott Guthrie who participated in an Open Space meeting for about an hour.  Unfortunately, I only recorded about 15 minutes of the action before my memory card filled up, but I guess that is better than nothing.

I did my best to clean up the audio, which had alot of ambient room noise.  I wish it could be better, but I think it is clear enough now to be understandable, if not somewhat enjoyable.

The video is hosted on YouTube and due to time restrictions on uploaded video, the content is split into 2 parts. 

In the first part,  Scott talks about:

  • ASP.NET and MVC Framework - the future of both and them co-existing with each other
  • Data Access - LINQ and the Entity Framework

In the second part, he discusses:

  • Functional Programming - programming WHAT you want done, versus the more typical HOW to do something, citing LINQ as a simple example
  • Moore's Law - gradually being replaced by new rules where the number of machine cores will begin doubling
  • Parallelism - efforts to make it easier for developers to take advantage of multiple cores through explicit APIs and implicitly through improvements to the CLR
  • F# and .NET 4.0
  • Dynamic Languages
  • WPF and Silverlight

Part 1

Part 2